A new Quebec regulation validates the LaserAg Quantum instrument for measuring sequestered carbon

Recognition of the LIBS technology
and the LaserAg Quantum instrument will both speed up
and green soil organic carbon measurements.

A new Quebec regulation allows the use of LIBS technology and the LaserAg Quantum instrument to measure how much carbon has been sequestered by afforestation or reforestation projects that aim to create credits for sale on carbon markets.

By establishing valid methods for the measure of carbon sequestered by forestry or agroforestry projects, the Regulation respecting afforestation and reforestation projects eligible for the issuance of offset credits on privately-owned land helps to regulate carbon markets, which are set to expand.

Essential carbon measurements

Reliable measurements of the carbon sequestered by such projects help counter greenwashing attempts. Indeed, only measurements taken before and after the implementation of these projects can reveal whether they have actually sequestered the amounts claimed.

Using Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), LaserAg Quantum measures soil organic carbon faster and more ecologically than traditional dry combustion methods. Supported by its own software suite, this instrument is the first to use this mining-derived technology to analyze soil, including its organic carbon content.

LaserAg: 10 years of R&D

The development of this Quebec instrument, which also relies on artificial intelligence, took ten years of R&D and involved the collaboration of outstanding partners, including the National Optics Institute (INO) and the Computer Research Institute of Montréal (CRIM).

Currently in operation in Eurofins EnvironeX (Montreal) and Omnia (Zambia and South Africa) laboratories, LaserAg Quantum is set to play a major role in carbon measurement, an expertise that is likely to be increasingly sought after by companies wishing to reduce their GHG emissions or increase their carbon sequestration, as well as by governments seeking to regulate them.

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