Photo credit: Jonathan Vincent

What is it?

A windbreak is a variety of plants and shrubs planted near your field or barn. This arrangement fulfills one or more objectives:

  • Protects your fields or buildings from the wind
  • Limits the diffusion of odors from your farm
  • Limits the drift of pesticides

Different species of plants can be integrated in a windbreak, depending on your soils, your main crops or your livestock. It is even possible to plant fast growing trees to harvest biomass.

What’s in it for me?

To reach its full potential, a windbreak must be well maintained. But it’s worth the effort. For example, if it is planted next to:

  • An annual crop, a windbreak will increase the average heat output of protected fields
  • A perennial crop, a windbreak facilitates the accumulation of snow, which favors the survival of winter crops
  • A livestock building, a windbreak reduces heating costs and the diffusion of odors

In addition, all windbreaks sequester carbon dioxide (CO2), which contributes to the fight against climate change.

Finally, subsidies from the Prime-Vert program are available for planting them.

Our windbreak service is turnkey, from planting to maintenance.

Logiag’s advantage

We offer a turnkey windbreak service, including maintenance. We can also do a follow-up after a few years to verify the growth of our landscaping, if it needs to be replanted, etc.

In short, our team of agronomists and biologists can meet your needs by recommending plants that take into account your needs and objectives.