Nitrogen management

What is it?

Our nitrogen management service helps you determine the right amount of nitrogen fertilizer or manure to apply so that your crops can find it when they need it.

Traditional fertilization charts don’t always give good results. Some are based on your yield goals or the predicted growth you’ll get from adding fertilizer. However, there are many other factors that determine nitrogen needs, including:

  • Soil types and their degree of compaction
  • Previous crops
  • Green manure applications
  • Manure applications
  • Rainfall levels
  • Etc.

Our nitrogen management takes all these factors into account. It also relies on soil sampling to recommend rates you can really trust.

We help you better understand how nitrogen affects your crops AND how you compare to other producers.

What’s in it for me?

Our nitrogen management ensures rigorous monitoring throughout the season so that you can:

  • Observe the behavior of nitrogen in your fields
  • Obtain personalized recommendations
  • Apply only the nitrogen you need, which reduces your expenses
  • Obtain good yields at the best possible cost 
  • Compare your results with those of other farms 

Finally, our service gives you access to a grant from the Programme services-conseils for the use of tools to “better determine plant needs”.

Enfin, ce service vous donne accès à une subvention du Programme services-conseils pour l’utilisation d’outils qui visent à mieux déterminer les besoins des plantes.

Logiag’s advantage

We are leaders in agri-environmental service. Our experienced agronomists have helped all kinds of farms find the right nitrogen rates for their soil types and crops.