What is it?

If you are part of our network of farm advisors, Registre+ is for you. As its name suggests, Register+ is primarily a register: it keeps track of the history of the farms you work with. But Register+ is much more! 

Created in 2006, Register+ brings together in one place all the data you might need to support a producer. Not to mention most of the data is georeferenced.

In concrete terms, Registre+ contains:

  • Several information about the farm itself, including soil analysis, phosphorus balance, spreadings, seeding, yields, satellite images of its fields, etc.
  • Information from public databases: Ducks Unlimited Canada’s wetlands map, the Quebec cadaster, soil studies from the Research and development institute for the agro-environment, etc.
  • Numerous tools to facilitate your tasks in the field (fertilization grids, screening templates, etc.)

Finally, since 2022, Register+ is the only agricultural software in Quebec to include Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s SCAN technology. This technology calculates the optimal nitrogen dose to apply to a corn crop based on various agronomic and environmental factors.

Photo credit: Mèggen Larivière

What’s in it for me?

If you are part of our network, using Registre+ makes your work more efficient, allowing you to better serve your customers. By grouping all the information relevant to a farm, Registre+ facilitates your work, your analyses and your decision making.

We have a complete team dedicated to improving our software.

Logiag’s advantage

We have a complete team dedicated to the improvement of our software. Registre+ is regularly optimized to meet your needs and those of our agrologists.

Over the years, Registre+ has become more stable, evolving in line with legislative changes and integrating new functions in order to always offer you effective and adapted solutions.