Agricultural engineering

Grading Plan

What is it?

Grading consists in improving the relief of your field in order to avoid water accumulation. A well-levelled field evacuates its surface water towards the hydraulic network (ditches, watercourses and gullies), without eroding.

The objective is not to completely change the relief of your field, but rather to correct the defects of your plots by taking into account their natural configuration. To do this, we carefully survey the water’s behavior on your plots by studying several elements, including: 

  • Hydraulic network
  • Soil characteristics
  • Field history and topography 
  • Crop yield
  • Etc.

What’s in it for me?

Investing in a grading plan before starting the actual grading in the field ensures the new design will work and meet your expectations.

Furthermore, with a good plan in hand, the contractor who does the work will do it with more confidence and efficiency.

Our plans are compatible with all leveling systems, including Topcon, Trimble and GCS.

Logiag’s advantage

Our multidisciplinary team has solid and versatile experience that allows us to properly diagnose the drainage of your fields, and design grading plans that meet your needs. 

Concretely, we can design our grading plans using different data sources (GPS, drone) and different software (AGForm-3D, OptiSurface and Ezigrade). Our plans are also compatible with all GPS or laser grading systems used in the agricultural industry, including Topcon, Trimble and GCS (formerly John Deere AMW/GCS).

Finally, our team provides outstanding after-sales service. We respond quickly to your calls, no matter the problem you may encounter.