Cover crop and green manure


What is it?

A cover crop is planted after or at the same time as your main crop, and then left in the field. 

There are several types of cover crops, including:

  • Intercrops, which are planted between the rows of the main crop, and then left in the field
  • Cover crops, which are planted after the main crop is harvested, and then left in the field
  • Green manures, which are planted before or after the main crop, and then plowed in, usually to increase nitrogen levels in the soil

If there is ONE good practice to implement, it’s cover crops!

What’s in it for me?

Cover crops are useful for all bare soils, especially following a leveling operation. Specifically, these crops:

  • Improve soil structure as well as microorganism activity
  • Improve water infiltration, which reduces the effect of drought
  • Increase the yield of the main crops
  • Capture soil nutrients
  • Help control weeds
  • Contribute to biodiversity

Finally, planting a cover crop gives you access to a subsidy from the Prime-Vert program

Logiag’s advantage

Our experienced agronomists will guide you through all the steps of establishing your cover crops and help you choose the seeds that will meet your needs, be it increasing your nitrogen levels, stabilizing, or aerating your soil, controlling pests, etc.

With us, you will also get all the advice you need to properly prepare and terminate your cover crops to avoid any interference with your main crops.