Carla Pereira de Morais, PhD

Team Leader, R&D – LIBS specialist

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Carla Pereira de Morais is a laser-induced plasma (LIBS) spectroscopy specialist. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry of São Paulo State University. She also completed a PhD in cotutelle in Science (Institute of Chemistry of São Paulo State University) and in Chemistry (Toulon University). During her PhD, she worked at Embrapa Instrumentation.

Since the beginning of her training, Carla has worked with photonic and spectroscopic techniques applied to agri-environmental samples. During her first PhD, she developed and optimized a LIBS system that uses single and dual pulses to analyze sediments, soils, fertilizers, and plants quickly and cost-effectively. Using LIBS, she also developed methods to identify nutrients and contaminants in sediments, soils, fertilizers, and plants.

For soil samples, the objective was to assess carbon sequestration to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation. She also developed methods to assess organic matter in soil and sediment samples using fluorescence techniques.

Carla has experience in spectroscopy (LIBS, laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence excitation-emission matrix, fluorescence quenching, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry, flame atomic absorption spectrometry, and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy), chemometrics, experimental design, and statistics. She has published in high impact scientific journals and has received awards for her work on LIBS and organic matter.