Limiting and
variable rate fertilization

What is it?

Depending on where you sample your plot, the profile of your soil can change dramatically. From one end of a field to the other, the pH, nitrogen or phosphorus levels can vary dramatically. 

Variable rate liming or fertilizing allows you to apply the right amount of lime or fertilizer in the right place. This technique is based on precision agriculture, which means data on the various characteristics of your soil (yield, acidity, nitrogen content, etc.) that are georeferenced.

This data comes from different sources: field observations, satellites, drones, or public databases. Once grouped on a map, they show you the variations within your fields. 

What’s in it for me?

Liming or fertilizing your fields is an essential practice to keep them fertile and healthy. If you give each area the exact doses of inputs it needs, you get good yields at the best possible cost, while protecting the environment a little better.

Our in-depth analyses help you evaluate the amount of fertilizer to apply.

Logiag’s advantage

Our agronomists perform in-depth research and analysis to understand the situation in your fields and recommend the right doses of lime and fertilizers to apply on each zone of your fields. 

Our recommendations are compatible with your application files.