Agricultural engineering

Subsurface Drainage Plan

What is it?

Subsurface drainage lowers the water table to the optimal level for your crops. Improving soil drainage also protects the soil structure and facilitates the circulation of your machinery.

Depending on your fields’ situation, a subsurface drainage plan can be:

  • Partial (a few drains in the most problematic areas)
  • Systematic (a network of drains covering the entire surface)

In both cases, installing a drainage network represents a significant investment. This is why, before you start, we carry out an in-depth analysis that takes into account all the relevant parameters: soil relief, soil types, state of the hydraulic network (ditches, gullies and watercourses), etc. 

This analysis allows us to determine with confidence the materials to use, the optimal spacing between drains, the size of the collectors, etc.

What’s in it for me?

A drainage plan, combined with our follow-up of the contractor’s work, provides you with a high-quality drainage network behind which our engineers stand.

Our plan assures you that our design is feasible and will adequately drain your fields. In addition, a plan facilitates the work of the contractor you will choose.

Finally, you get paper and electronic copies of the drawn plans, which facilitates your follow-ups.

We go on-site to take all the necessary measures.

Logiag’s advantage

Our engineers are not tied to any vendor or installer of underground drainage materials. This independence allows us to place your needs at the heart of our concerns and design drainage plans at the best possible cost.

Before the work begins, we go out into the field and take all the necessary measurements to design an effective and sustainable plan that takes into account your future projects. We also make sure to consult you throughout our planning, at every stage of the design. 

Finally, our team provides you with unparalleled after-sales service. We respond quickly to your calls, no matter what unexpected event you’ve encountered. We also provide you with the necessary technical support to implement the design we have conceived, and to monitor your site.