AEFP (related services)

What is it?

If you are an agricultural producer, it is likely that you will need to produce an agro-environmental fertilization plan (AEFP) to determine how much fertilizer you are allowed to apply. 

Depending on your situation, you may be required to submit additional documentation to your AEFP.

1. Recommendation on the management of your fields in floodplain areas

As of March 2022, the régime transitoire de gestion des zones inondables, des rives et du littoral provides a framework for activities in floodplain areas. This affects farms located along a lake or watercourse, which must now ensure that the application of their fertilizer complies with the new regulations. 

2. Recommendation and monitoring of field piles

Field piles (temporary manure piles) must respect certain conditions. The objective is that they retain their fertilizing elements until they are spread, without contaminating your water or soil. 

3. Characterization of your livestock manure

Characterizing your livestock manure consists of precisely measuring its fertilization value. Although it is not mandatory, it could be beneficial to you.

First, when you characterize your manure, you are no longer required to overestimate its nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium content, which makes it easier to dispose of.

Second, characterizing your manure requires that it be sampled over two to three years. During this period, you are allowed to estimate its fertilizing value based on the references of the Quebec Reference Center for Agriculture and Agri-food (CRAAQ). The advantage: these references generally underestimate the fertilizer value of manure, which again makes it easier for you to dispose of it.

In short, “the best reference values are those obtained on the farm”, according to CRAAQ.

What’s in it for me?

As an agricultural producer, the environment is important to you. Characterizing your livestock effluent, ensuring a follow-up of your field piles or complying with the new regulation on flood zones allows you to continue to preserve water and soil for future generations.

Logiag’s advantage

We have been dealing with AEFP for 20 years. We have seen every scenario and can guide you through this annual exercise.

Since the beginning, we have been using our Registre+ software. This software is offered free of charge to the agricultural advisors who work with us. Registre+ is particularly effective in producing AEFP that comply with the regulations in effect. It also ensures quality control at all stages of the process, from data entry to the recommendations of our agronomists.