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What is it?

If you are an agricultural producer, there is a good chance that you are required to complete an agro-environmental fertilization plan (AEFP) each year, as required by the Agricultural Operations Regulation.

The AEFP was created to limit eutrophication, which is the presence of nutrients in water bodies. Nitrogen and phosphorus build-up in water bodies creates havoc. They promote the growth of aquatic plants in our lakes and rivers, making them age prematurely, and compromise the life they harbor.

In practical terms, the AEFP determines each year how much fertilizer you can apply to your land. If you produce or store manure, it also determines the fertilizer value of your manure and how you will dispose of your surplus, if necessary.

Finally, the AEFP includes a phosphorus balance sheet signed by an agrologist. This certifies that the amount of phosphorus coming from all your fertilizer materials corresponds to the amount you can apply to your fields. 

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What’s in it for me?

Completing a AEFP is in the best interest of both the environment and your operation. 

Thanks to the AEFP, you are properly fertilizing your fields, and minimizing the risk that your applications will contaminate the soil or water. Ultimately, an AEFP helps you optimize your use of mineral fertilizers and takes into account the richness of your soils when you answer your plants’ needs.

Another advantage of an AEFP is that it gives you a complete and up-to-date picture of your farm. In fact, completing an AEFP requires you to provide a ton of information, for example: a soil analysis, a description of the organic fertilizers you have produced or imported and a description of your livestock management. This is a good opportunity to clean up your files!

Logiag’s advantage

We have been producing AEFP for 20 years. We have seen every situation and can guide you through this annual exercise.

Since the beginning, we have been using our Registre+ software. This software is offered free of charge to the agricultural advisors who work with us. Registre+ is particularly effective in producing AEFP that comply with current regulations. It also ensures quality control at all stages of the process, from data entry to the recommendations of our agrologists.

Finally, we provide you with an abbreviated AEFP with numerous tables and graphs that explain the essence of our recommendations and how to apply them in the field.