Leandro Passarini, PhD

Co-Director, Science

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Born and raised in Brazil, acclimatized in Quebec and matured in New Brunswick, Leandro Passarini is a trilingual scientist with 20 years of experience in forestry, wood science, biomaterials and climate change.

In 2007, he completed a bachelor’s degree in forestry engineering at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. In Quebec, Leandro obtained a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in wood science from Laval University.

After his studies, Leandro worked at the Forest Product Laboratory of the United States Department of Agriculture, where he conducted several projects on the physical and mechanical properties of wood to improve its performance and durability.

In New Brunswick, he wrote and coordinated several multidisciplinary projects in the areas of biomaterials and agriculture. By being in direct contact with the agricultural sector and its artisans, he discovered his passion: the fight against climate change. In this context, Leandro developed and executed an innovative multi-year project to calculate on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and capture for the potato, blueberry and dairy sectors.

The results of his work have been published in 12 peer-reviewed scientific papers while Leandro is also a reviewer for over a dozen scientific journals.

Hired as Logiag’s Scientific Director – Climate Transition in 2022, Leandro uses the scientific experience accumulated over the years to support his colleagues in making decisions and deepening their knowledge on reducing the carbon footprint of farms in Canada and the United States.