Holisoa Rakotomavo, agr.

Agro-environmental Advisor

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Holisoa graduated from Kuban State University in Russia with a BS in Agronomy. After her studies, she worked for eight years as a research officer for the Seychelles’ Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. When she arrived in Quebec in 2008, she trained in agriculture, agri-food and the Quebec environment by completing courses at Carrefour BLÉ on agro-environmental fertilization plans (AEFP), sustainable agriculture, etc.

Holisoa has worked for about 10 years as an agro-environmental advisor for Club Agrinov and Coop des Montérégiennes (today Agiska Coopérative), and held a position of agronomy project manager at Viridis Environnement.

Member of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec since 2010, Holisoa has been working as an agro-environmental advisor at Logiag since 2022.