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Field Manager PRO Mobile

The Field Manager PRO Mobile

Logiag, in collaboration with Farm Credit Canada, developed the Field Manager PRO Mobile app that is a part of the Field Manager PROsoftware.
This software carries out record-keeping, manages the farm’s data and ensures risk reduction related to cross-compliance. In addition, it integrates very well with Logiag’s NMP.

The Field Manager PRO Mobile app allows for the entry of information related to fields and crops on the land. You can easily view each field and consult the related data. You can also define work zones, including natural boundaries and roads, by conducting a follow-up in real time through geo-positioning. The field management mobile application also permits follow-up of information by your agronomist, your employees and your partners. At any time you can record data relevant to inputs (seed, fertilizers, pesticides, manure), for crop protection against harmful pests and for various cropping activities (seeding, soil work, fertilization). Locating precise points in the field has never been easier!

You can download the application directly from the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad. For Android users, the app is available at Google Play.

The Field Manager PRO 360 is a unique management tool. It allows data about your fields, revenues and expenses to be indexed while managing the list of inputs used by your farming operation. Everything is easily transferable and integrated with the Logiag NMP.

The importance of good record-keeping (french)

In the video: Jacques Nault from Logiag explains the impact good record-keeping for your fields can have on the quality of decision making. With a mobile telephone, it is even easier!

With the size of farms today, it is impossible to rely entirely on memory! At the FCC Ag Outlook conference in Drummondville, Le Bulletin talks with Jacques Nault from Logiag about the importance and benefits of good record-keeping on your farm.