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Variable rate liming program

Soil fertility control

Lime is a product that enables soil acidity to be controlled by increasing the pH level of the soil. It therefore improves the fertility of the soil and ensures better absorption of nutrients by the plants.

Optimum amount

Variable rate is a way of optimizing the amount of lime applied to each point in each field. In fact, even a plot within a field can have different pH levels. Therefore, we carry out point sampling using GPS which allows us to evaluate the need for lime and other fertilizers at each point within a parcel of land. The rate is then interpolated between points.


Once the analysis is done, we produce a data file for spreading rates which is compatible with all types of spreading regulators that you or your custom operator might use.


Our services are very fast: the work book and data files for spreading are produced within 24 hours.


The data files for spreading manure and fertilizers are accompanied by recommendations on the type of lime to apply, the amounts to be applied as well as the specific product to be used. Also, we provide you with a soil test report that summarizes all the elements present in the soil along with the soil index. This provides you with valuable advice for increasing the fertility of your soil according to its particular characteristics.