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Questions about Logiag?

What services does Logiag provide?
Logiag is an enterprise that provides consulting services in the area of the agri-environment. More particularly, we produce NMPs, PAAs (agri-environmental support plans), phosphorus assessments along with variable rate lime spreading by GPS. Our products are available all across Québec, in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and in the United States. What’s more, we cover all types of livestock and crops.
What is Tele-Agronomy?
Tele-Agronomy is a concept invented by Logiag that consists of having agri-environmental services available at a distance. The technology allows our network of partners to take care of the work in the field and then send the data automatically to us. Therefore, this is a personalized service because it allows our agronomists to concentrate on data analysis. This approach offers better service since each agronomist carries out the tasks for which he or she is most competent. What are the advantages of becoming a Logiag client? Logiag is an enterprise that has worked in agri-environmental services for more than 10 years. Our experienced agronomists are well-recognized for their competencies - they know everything about their profession and can offer you a fast, rigorous and quality service. Logiag’s greatest strength is its use of computerized technologies to better meet your specific needs. Thanks to computerized tools or software, Logiag is able to have access to precise, complete and modifiable data in order to bring about eventual changes on your farm. What’s more, the enterprise has created a veritable computer database which gives you privileged access to the best industry practices in Québec and North America.
Can Logiag handle any type of livestock or crop?
Yes, the enterprise offers services adapted to all types of livestock and crops.