In the service of farmers, year after year


An innovative business model

Logiag is distinguished through its innovative business model. Over time, Logiag has learned how to develop an avant-garde method of working that is both effective and fast.


Usually, an agronomist serves a local clientele. He or she takes care of collecting all the basic data which is then analyzed and recommendations are made to the client. So, the whole process leading up to the elaboration of agronomic recommendations is completely accomplished in person. Logiag does not practice agronomy in this artisanal and traditional way. At Logiag, agronomists turn to computer technologies to achieve these same results. In fact, geomatic tools, remote sensing as well as mathematical models supplement the traditional work of an agronomist.

Thanks to the Record+ software and a network of reliable and productive partners, our agronomists can “see” at a distance the physical characteristics of a field: 3-D models, yield maps, soil analysis results, water run –off maps, aerial photography, herd data, crop plan, etc. At a glance, our analysts are able to grasp the essential characteristics of a farming operation so they can make informed decisions to help you – and everything gets done a lot quicker and at a much lower cost.

Involvement of our network of partners

Contact with farmers is established through our vast network of partners. Logiag has a network extending across the entire agricultural region of Québec. Logiag partners go to your farm, observe, discuss with you and then enter the necessary data for producing a fertilization plan in the Record+ software. Our partners are therefore working with you to better understand your needs and meet all your requirements.

Once the information is sent to our data analysis center, our agronomists carry out a verification to ensure the validity of the data and then analyze the information to offer you the highest quality service possible.

Lastly, our partners return to your farm to deliver the Logiag recommendations and provide you with an explanation.

Controlled production from A to Z

Once all the data is collected and verified using efficient computer tools that incorporate rigorous agronomic principles, Logiag's team ensures that the recommendations made to the farmer complies with both current regulations , guidelines of the Association of Agronomists of Quebec and what specifically is optimal for each farm. It is not a matter of writing the NMP in the traditional sense. Logiag uses modern production methods. Our process is heavily inspired by the Japanese model of 'just in time' delivery.

All production steps are strictly controlled and thus we can ensure production time among the shortest in the industry with the highest quality service.