In the service of farmers, year after year


  • 1989Jacques Nault
    From 1989 to 1999, Jacques Nault provided services as a soil and crop management consultant.
  • 1999Charles Nault joins with Jacques to found Logiag inc.
    In 1999, the Logiag customer base was just a hundred or so clients. The REA, initially called the “Règlement sur la Réduction de la Pollution d’Origine Agricole”, had already been in effect for a little more than a year. In this context, Logiag set as its objective to develop and then provide a top-quality service for reviewing and revising crop fertilization plans by taking advantage of information technologies. The gains in efficiency that were achieved thanks to IT were significant and lead to an increase in the number of customers. The business model was refined and the clientele continued to grow.
  • 2001Logiag goes from 150 to 1500 clients
    Between 2001 and 2005, Logiag went from 150 to 1500 clients. Strategic alliances were created with input suppliers which allowed Logiag to offer a NMP preparation service (nutrient management plan or PAEF) in partnership for their customers.
  • 2005Expertise in geomatics and programming
    In 2005, Gilles Clément joined Logiag and brought along some great expertise in geomatics and computer programming. Logiag developed a new software program, Record+, an all in one geomatics and record-keeping program. At the same time, Logiag developed its data management system and increased its level of efficiency in data analysis. The Logiag team is now made up of ten people.
  • 2005Logiag exports its services
    Between 2005 and 2010, Logiag’s clientele grew to 2,500 farmers and started exporting its services to Ontario as well as New York, Vermont and Michigan in the United States.
  • 2009Logiag is featured in the Zoom Maïs magazine
    In January 2009, Logiag is cited in the Zoom Maïs magazine in an article entitled "Le PAEF et vous, l'outil préféré, mal aimé, ignoré".
  • 2010Logiag is featured in the Grandes Cultures magazine
    In February 2010, an article on Logiag, in particular about Jacques Nault, appears in the Grandes Cultures magazine (La Terre de chez nous), “Fertilisation et richesse des sols”.
  • 2015Logiag now has a team of 30 employees and 20 resource people working in its network of partners
    Today, Logiag has a team of 30 employees and 20 resource people working in its network of partners. In addition to PAEFs, Logiag offers several other services including GPS sampling, microtopographic plotting, land-leveling plans and soil erosion control.